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Lawn & Garden

Spring is a great time to come into our store; we sell beautiful garden plants and flowers. Our hanging basket and porch plants are very hearty and affordable. We offer some gardening vegetable seeds as well. We carry everything from plant fertilizer to potting, top, peat, and compost soils. Our mulch choices are Red, Brown, Black, Cyprus, Cedar, and Hardwood. Then, when fall rolls around we have Hardy Mums!

Customer Testimonials

“Every year we make the hour long trip up here to buy all of our flowers. They just seem to last longer and be healthier if we get them from you. Please do not stop selling them!”

Purple Flowers

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We’d love for you to come visit us! We’re located just off of M-46 near Snover on Germania Road. For more in-depth instructions follow the link below!

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